From acclaimed physical theatre company Legs On The Wall, Trestle is an explosive celebration of physical bodies activating space. In this one-off collaboration with Ken Done at Casula Powerhouse, their gravity-defying live art takes over the Turbine Hall gallery in a way that has never been seen before.

Performed atop Judy Watsons Koori Floor, and surrounded on all sides by the exhibition – Ken Done Paintings You Probably Haven’t Seen: (2000 – 2020) Selected Works – Trestle is a physical, humorous, playful and provocative spectacle that pays homage to our ever-evolving concept of what it is to be ‘Australian’ and female. An outstanding cast of performers use nothing but a set of painters’ trestles to explore the shifting contradictions of stereotypes across generations.

In the show, a house painting veteran and her apprentice are tasked with painting the walls of a gallery and set up the space using a scaffold trestle and drop sheets. These become symbols of hierarchy - a shower, a forest of trees, an art gallery wall, or the frame of a painter’s canvas. Using the body and visual art as instruments and metaphor, we tackle the evolution of those stereotypes. What unfolds is a glimpse into a world that is confronting, celebratory, intimate and explosive - leaving us with the question, who’s choice is it really?

As a special collaboration for Casula Powerhouse audiences only, Ken Done himself has artfully engaged with Legs On The Wall’s performers. Armed with his paint palette, he brings his iconic colours to the performance, breathing new meaning into the term live art.

Trestle features a stellar line up of award-winning Australian performers - including Vicki Van Hout, Jana Castillo, Joshua Thomson, Anton Anton, and composer and double bass player Jessica Dunn. They combine dance, acrobatics, text, and song – nothing is fixed as they move through the space without limitation in this renegade takeover of CPAC’s cavernous turbine gallery.

Trestle is joyous, fun, risky and completely out of the ordinary.

Please join us on the 24th of July, at 5.30pm for this 50-minute one-off special event. The performance takes place following the launch of Ken Done Paintings You Probably Haven’t Seen (2000 – 2020) Selected Works. It is specially created to be performed alongside the Ken Done exhibitions.

*Image Credit Robert Catto

Enjoy a pre-show dinner at Bellbird Dining & Bar. You will be served a bespoke 2-course menu that highlights local seasonal produce.

Main: 12-hour slow-roasted beef cheeks with parsnip puree, baby onions and horseradish
Dessert: Textures of winter citrus

Event Information

DATE: Saturday 24 July 2021
Event: 5:30pm
Dinner service: from 6:30pm

Age Suitability: All ages

Event only: $35
2-course meal: $49
Meal & show: $75


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