Sydney and Yogyakarta, Indonesian artist Jumaadi invites families to join his world of puppetry with this new show created especially for the WOW festival and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. This performance will take families on a journey through a world of shadows and light, Jumaadi will be performing with a live band.

At the end of each performance Jumaadi will introduce the musicians in his band who have travelled from East Java, Indonesia and their incredible instruments from around the world and introduce the Shadow Masters.

The show story - Joli Jolan
A man who wishes to make aeroplanes lives in the most beautiful village within the rain forest. When he decides to make an aircraft the whole village gets excited and involved but it costs them the whole forest, animals and farmland. The aeroplane fails to fly and they ended up facing starvation. They are saved by a group of mountaineers who buy the aeroplance off them, paying for it with  rice.

Event Information

Date: Monday 26 September 
10.30am and 12 noon
Ages: All ages
Venue: Theatre
Tix: $23.50

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