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Kindercraften is a creative playgroup that meets every Monday during term time and during school holidays. Watch your children become inspired to make a take-home artwork through investigative art play. Each week artist Rosie Deacon will introduce young children to range of creative encounters, methods and materials.

Kindercraften fosters a fun group environment with both individual and collaborative learning outcomes.

Learn more about Rosie and her work here: http://rosiedeacon.com

Week 1 | Doggie Door Stop | Soft sculpture making, fabric, sand, and polyfil.

Week 2 | Giant Donuts | Sculpture/painting, cardboard, paint, glitter, straws, sequins.

Week 3 | Under the Sea | Large scale collaborative mural painting.

Week 4 | Wire mobiles | Hanging sculptural forms, threading, twisting, tying.

Week 5 | Horse Gallop | Make your own cardboard horse to ride home. Cardboard poles, fabric, paint, paper, fabric, wool.

Week 6 | Gift Cards | Collage, paper, glue, folding, decorating.

Week 7 | Self Portraits | Large scale drawing, tracing around the body.

Week 8 | Wooden Houses | Model making, paddle pop sticks, BBQ skewers, garden landscaping.

Event Information

LocationCasula Powerhouse
Arts Centre

Duration60 min


Cost$65 for 8 sessions
or $8.50 for individual workshops

Phone02 9824 1121


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