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4 December 2021 - 27 February 2022

What does it feel like to connect with people through music?

Jamming with Strangers highlights music communities as spaces of intimacy, nourishment, and social connection. By focusing on these intimate relationships, the exhibition reveals the role creative communities play in influencing broader social cohesion.

Jamming with Strangers incorporates new artworks commissions, workshops, and live events. Read more about it here

Featuring works by established and emerging artists, including: Carla & Lisa Wherby, David McDiarmid, Gillian Kayrooz, Joanne Saad, Julian Day, Kerry Toomey, Kevin Diallo, Ladstreet, Leila el Rayes & Justine Youssef, My Le Thi & Azo Bell, Tina Havelock Stevens and Troy-Anthony Baylis

The exhibition will also include a section collaboratively curated with leaders of the Western Sydney Ballroom scene Jamaica Moana and Xander Khoury. This section includes iconic costumes from the local Ballroom community, and will artworks by Ballroom artists, including: Blu Jay, Billy Keohavong, Fetu Taku, Joshua Taliani and Māhia aka Kaos.

Older Asian woman with short gray hair with eyes closed and lips open
Super Critical Mass (Julian Day and Luke Jaaniste), 'AURA', 2012, performance and photographic series. Images by Alex Wisser


Join us for the exhibition opening on 4 December 2021 (2-4pm)

This FREE event will include a series of talks by the exhibiting artists, a performance by the Western Sydney Ballroom community and an invitation for audiences to jam with My Le Thi and Azo Bell using their artwork titled Gukoongboom. Gukoongboom is an interactive installation commissioned by Casula Powerhouse, featuring a tuned percussion instrument built from painted PVC pipes which reflects on My Le Thi’s memories of village life in the Vietnamese Central Highlands, where music was an essential part of the community.



WEST BALL 3 is a wonderful event taking place on 29 January 2022. It celebrates the diversity of the Australian ballroom community, which is predominately led by POC, Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander LGBTIQ+ communities from Western Sydney. The West Ball is in its third year as an annual event, and 2022 will be the most ambitious yet. In the last few years, the vogue/ballroom scene has expanded on such a large scale with TV shows like POSE and the competition reality show LEGENDARY. Accompanying the event will be a display of gowns and costumes from previous Balls, capturing some of the incredible energy of the Western Sydney Ballroom community.


Western Sydney Music Futures is a half-day of panel discussions and hands-on workshops led by industry leaders. These leaders represent a dynamic scene as they come from the music industry, the arts community and the commercial world of production. They will speak from their own experience in the industry to share how they see the landscape right now, how they are reaching their own career highs, the important politics of Western Sydney music, and ultimately challenge participants to find innovative ways to change the scene for the future.

Our speakers include: Western Sydney musician Kilimi, artist-manager and producer Ben Pierpoint, Western Sydney-based nightlife artist and curator Xander Khoury and FBi radio host Darren Lesaguis.


On 26 February, Casula Powerhouse will host Dinner Music, an intimate evening of conversations and experimental performances. For one night only, our Switch Gallery will be opened up for an intimate dinner amongst the artworks. Join hosts Craig Donarski (CPAC Director) and Luke Létourneau (CPAC Curator) as they take you on an unforgettable evening of art, stories, performance, food and music.

Music Films is a curated selection of films that coincides with Jamming with Strangers. Discover stories of connection, rebellion and finding self-expression through music. And of course, each film features amazing toe-tapping and heart wrenching soundtracks.

The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble
15 January 2022 8pm FREE
Rating - PG
Runs for - 1 hr 36 mins

Free admission; bookings essential

This Grammy-nominated documentary follows members of the Silk Road Ensemble as they gather in locations across the world, exploring the ways art can both preserve traditions and shape cultural evolution.

We've got an engaging mix of workshops that will inspire musicians of all ages and abilities this summer.

Thursday 13 January OR Thursday 20 January
Casula Powerhouse 
9:30am - 10:30am
Suitable for ages 2-5 

Younger music-makers and their parents will be introduced to creative methods and materials based around Jamming with Strangers. Participants will get to create an artwork that they'll get to take home.

Saturday 15 January
Casula Powerhouse
12:30pm - 2:30pm
Suitable for ages 9+ 

Do you have a child who wants to learn about music? Maybe you are that kid! If that is the case, then join us at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre for our JAMuary workshop event as part of our Jamming with Strangers exhibit! Prepare and decorate your own instruments, meet new friends as you sit in a drum circle and learn how music can bring people together and get to be part of something bigger than yourself.

This workshop will be run by CPAC Youth and all materials, as well as Ukuleles, are included. The workshop will run for 2 hours! Enrol as soon as you can - we’ll be glad to see you there.

Tuesday 18 January
Casula Powerhouse 
10am - 2pm
Suitable for ages 10+

Love Music? Join us for a one-day program for young music lovers. Students will explore innovative ways to produce music while being inspired by everyday sounds around them. Inspired by Jamming with Strangers, students will come together and create a symphony of sounds.

Thursday 10 February
Liverpool City Library - Gold Room
6pm - 7:30pm
Suitable for ages 16+ 
FREE, Bookings essential - please note that bookings for this workshop will open on 1 January 2022

Have you ever wanted to create great-sounding music tracks but were unsure of where to start? Learn about the equipment and skills you need to start recording music online using Bandlab. Get hands-on experience with microphones and recording devices.