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Have you seen MY Emily? is the first institutional exhibition by Wiradjuri conceptual artist, Amala Groom. Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre has commissioned the artist to develop and present a 6-channel digital video work where Groom performs an extended conversation between herself and the wife of a former Prime Minister in a stately Manhattan home.

Based upon an actual conversation, the installation seeks to expand upon the language of ownership and authority surrounding western perceptions of Aboriginal art and culture, unveiling the indistinct nuances of interpretation and the potentially shocking hidden truths that language can possess.

Reimagining the conversation and the behaviours of both parties, Groom unpacks what was said, what was imagined to be said, and what it could have really meant.

As a bookend to the conversation, the exhibition features the painting, Untitled – by the very subject of the conversation, Anmatyerre artist, Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

Curated by Adam Porter

Amala Groom, Have you seen MY Emily, 2017. (Production still) image credit: Hamish Ta-me
Filming supported by CuriousWorks.
Emily Kame Kngwarreye artwork loan courtesy of Simon Chan – Art Atrium.

Amala Groom: www.amalagroom.com | Instagram: @amalagroom |  #amalagroom #haveyouseenmyemily