Hopper Gallery
30 July – 16 October 2022

WHERE SHADOWS MEET features artists who embrace the physical and metaphoric spaces in-between light and darkness and use it as a tool for their artmaking.

In this visually dramatic exhibition artists continue the long tradition of making art and meaning through harnessing the properties of light, shadow and darkness. In life we often find ourselves squinting in the dark, trying to make out and understand what is happening around us. The artworks in WHERE SHADOWS MEET show that the process of illumination can be fascinatingly creative and abstract. Obscuring the real world and tricking the eye, even for just a moment, gives rise to a myriad of realities that are spectacular, evocative, and captivating to experience.

This exhibition gives audiences an opportunity to experience this exciting space in-between light and darkness. The artists use this space as a tool to help comprehend our world with dazzling visual effect while others reveal fascinating new perspectives or narratives in the reality in which we live.

WHERE SHADOWS MEET features artworks in a range of artforms, including photography, light, performance, and installation, by contemporary artists based in Sydney.

Meng-Yu Yan and Maxine Carlisle, 'Between the spider and a crab', 2022.

Image credit: Meng-Yu Yan and Maxine Carlisle, 'Between the spider and a crab', 2022.

Artists: Eunjoo Jang, Maddison Gibbs, Shan Turner-Carroll, Meng-Yu Yan, Zan Wimberley and Tianli Zu

Maddison Gibbs, Meng-Yu Yan, Tianli Zu and Shan Turner-Carroll have all been especially commissioned by CPAC to create new works, or expand on existing work for this exhibition. Their projects are site specific and most were developed with the CPAC curators over several site visits.

Publication to accompany Tianli Zu's work from the exhibition Shadow Gives Birth

The scientist, the composer, the artist in conversation is designed and created by Dr. Tianli Zu. It is made in collaboration with Andrew Zhou, composer, and Dr Brett Summerell, Chief Scientist and Director, Research at the Australian Institute of Botanical Science.

This publication explores the space between art, science and music in relation to Dr. Tianli Zu’s project Shadow Gives Birth. Shadow Gives Birth and has been commissioned especially for this exhibition. It features interviews with scientist Dr Brett Summerell and composer Andrew Zhou. This book complements the artwork and also stands alone at the same time.

Shadow Gives Birth in its entirety (including the paper cutting installation, soundscape, projections and this book) are currently on display on Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre as part of WHERE SHADOWS MEET. The e-book of is free to read during the exhibition period.

Link available here