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Figure Heads engages with the current suite of exhibitions: Anatomies - Robert Hague, Creator - Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran, Interregnum - Penelope Cain. These exhibitions also investigate different ways of exhibiting art. The square box (or plinth) on which artworks are exhibited, has been used throughout art history as a method of display.

The sculptures that you see in parks and cities use plinths to focus our attention. Traditionally, they are used to make us look up, the sculpture appears to become larger as we are made to feel smaller. The relationship between art works and their display is where Figure Heads begins…

The current artists on display, Robert Hague, Ramesh Mario-Nithiyendran, and Penelope Cain provide a contrast of artworks that examine the power of display using a variety of materials to produce art.

Figure Heads gives you the opportunity to enter into exploring some creative power play of your own. There are 4 areas to investigate, each with a different method of display. Some are already created, some you can change. Some may look familiar while others may seem unusual. First you will need to make an artwork of your own using the materials provided. Images from the exhibitions are there to inspire your creations… your artwork can be life-like or unlike anything you’ve seen.