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Inspired by the Australian bush, Bush Bailando is infectiously passionate, beautifully designed and exquisitely performed.


3 Jun 2017 | 8pm

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Compañía Pepa Molina presents Bush Bailando 

A new Flamenco dance work conceived and performed by Pepa Molina.

The work is an exploration of bilateral heritage and identity, inspired by Australian nature, particularly Pepa Molina's home of Western Sydney.

This is a collaboration with renowned Spanish electroacoustic soundscape designer Hector Gonzalez Sanchez and Flamenco guitarist & Composer Marco Van Doornam, who draw their inspiration from the sounds of the Australian bush and its fauna creating a multilayered sound that reflects the search for Australian identity in present time.

The work interlaces four genres from the flamenco song family tree, linked to the four elements; water, wind, earth and fire.

Pepa is joined on stage by the internationally acclaimed musicians Marco van Doornam and Stuart Vandegraaf.

Pepa is a skilled and powerful dancer that presents interesting and engaging material…”

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Aceitunas (marinated olives)
Champiñones al ajillo (garlic mushrooms)
Patatas bravas (spicy potatoes)
Tortilla Española (Spanish tortilla)
Chorizo with chimichurri
Pulpo al pil pil (marinated octopus)

bush bailando

Banner photography: Tom Holland


Contemporary Flamenco…

The work is a celebration of the environment...Molina had among others an exciting solo in the 'traditional' flamenco dress with the extra-extra long ruffled train, beginning with her hidden beneath it like gently breathing coral. For some of the work she was proud and fiery for others it was far more playful and exuberant.
Lynne-Lancaster, Arts Hub | READ REVIEW

She stood still

Pepa Molina’s Bush Bailando  a definite crowd pleaser. Her formidable footwork beating out ever increasingly complex tattoos. The premise of this work was to recreate a world within a world, to highlight the unlikely juxtapositioning of the Spanish form and its execution in the Australian environment.

Molina’s performance is episodic, consisting of shorter sharp pieces interspersed with the exquisite musical stylings of guitarist Marco Van Doornum and saxophonist Stuart Vandegraaf, both of whom played intricate melodies, full of passion, tinged with poignant melancholy.

Moments not to miss, Molina’s rhythmic prowess dancing with a cane under a pool of intense light. And the musicians. It is wise to heed Molina’s instruction here and close your eyes to just immerse yourself in the aural splendour.
Vicki Van Hout, Blogger FORM Dance Projects | READ REVIEW

 Be mesmerised with this stunning production

Bush Bailando, a stunning theatre performance from FORM Dance Projects is one not to miss. With an outstanding dance-music collaboration of two contemporary flamenco dance works, it is certainly an intriguing production… internationally acclaimed Pepa Molina performed an amazing solo work  accompanied onstage with fabulous renowned musicians.
Gypsy Rose, Weekend Notes | READ REVIEW

Bush Bailando Cast & Creatives

Pepa Molina
Internationally acclaimed flamenco dancer, choreographer & producer 

Hector González Sánchez
Award winning electroacoustic composer & soundscape designer

Marco Van Doorman
Virtuoso flamenco guitarist & composer

Stuart Vandegraaff
Clarinet, alto saxophone, classical flute, Arabic nay

Eva Duran, Juan Debel
Recorded Flamenco singing

Jesús Fernández
Recorded Palmas in Fuego

Pepa Molina
Flamenco Lyrics

Yaiza Pinillos
Costume design (Designer for BNE. The Spanish National Ballet)

Gabriel Besa
Performing arts costume confection

Flamenco dance shoes 

Roderick van Gelder
Lighting design

Manuel Barco
Prop design & construction

Event Information


Duration60 min (no interval)

AgesAll Ages

Cost$25 Adult
$22 Conc/Senior
$20 Child
$80 Family 4
$98 Family 5
$20 Group (10+)
$18 Schools

Phone02 8711 7123


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