4 December 2021 - 27 February 2022

What does it feel like to connect with people through music?

Older Asian woman with short gray hair with eyes closed and lips open
Super Critical Mass (Julian Day and Luke Jaaniste), 'AURA', 2012, performance and photographic series. Images by Alex Wisser

Jamming with Strangers is an exhibition highlighting music communities as spaces of intimacy, nourishment, and social connection. It draws inspiration from the Sydney music scene – particularly Western Sydney – and incorporates workshops, live music, and the return of the highly anticipated West Ball 3.

This exhibition program is all about belonging; it expresses that fans, friends, musicians and spaces are all equally important to making and fostering belonging though music. By focusing on these intimate relationships, Jamming with Strangers reveals the role music can play in influencing broader social cohesion.

The exhibition features major new commissions by established and emerging Sydney artists, including Julian Day, My Le Thi and Azo Bell, Gillian Kayrooz, Kevin Diallo and Kerry Toomey. It also features original artworks by twin sisters Carla and Lisa Wherby; and includes their infamous autograph and memorabilia collections of some of Australia’s biggest 70s and 80s rock bands, who’ve more recently played heavily in Western Sydney venues. The exhibition also includes a section dedicated to some of the spectacular costumes from past Ball’s and the incredible energy of the Western Sydney Ballroom community that will also be featured in West Ball 3.